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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm just a girl, guess i'm some kind of freak...

Yesterday I worked a productive 8 hour shift and arrived home just in time to shower and hop out the door to IA Mainstage rehearsal. Invigorated and feeling warm, at 7pm Steph and I hailed a cab and jetted to Improv Boston for our 8pm show. We met Scott, Adam Brooks and the practical half of Three Hole Punch, practiced our new lounge singer format, rehearsed the new sketches, and then pulled off a successful show for a great house. The audience included friends from work, as well as some current and past members of the Umass comedy scene. We all hiked up to karaoke, where my past mingled with my present amid nachos and songs made popular by the band Asia. Today, a 12 hour shift and then a "preview" show at IA. I do live a charmed life. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I began to drink yerba mate again this week after an impulse buy at Harvest. I have relished the taste of a well brewed cup since I first tried it years ago, but I got out of the habit of drinking it last summer when I picked up chai again.
My favorite thing about yerba mate is that it creates an state of mental alertness that is second to nothing besides an actual good night's sleep. It doesn't make my heart pound or my thoughts race. I stay focused, deliberate. And I don't get jittery or "crash," the way I do with coffee or a red bull.
The downside? Like any CNS stimulant it is a highly effective appetite suppressant. Which is not useful to someone trying to maintain a BMI slightly above "danger zone."

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