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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Skipping thoughts like stones across your willingness

This week at work my med cabinet was selected for a random auditing by "Narc Guy." N.G is a private consultant we hire to make sure no one is diverting medications. That is the field he has chosen to work in, that's his business. That makes him very interesting to me. Oh, and he carries a gun, double the interesting factor. He dresses snappily, has a disarming smile but a no nonsense jaw, and he is everything I imagine a private investigator should be. I just wish he said "swell," and "tight," more often and maybe drank some scotch or smoked a pipe.
An edit to yesterday's post. The topic of HIV and AIDS is actually filed under LGBT Support in the Civil Rights section. Which is understandable. But it should also be listed in the health care section. The LGBT section also mentions that HIV is transmitted via needle sharing, and mentions President Obama's opposition to the federal ban on needle exchange programs. This belongs under Community and Public Health. The final sentence of the blurb reads, "President Obama has also been willing to confront the stigma -- too often tied to homophobia -- that continues to surround HIV/AIDS." Maybe we could start with not having the only mention of the virus on the web site linked to the gay community. ************************************************************************
This wasn't the first or the worst, but it came to mind today as a point of reference for my development. When I was just taking my third bite of a warm pile of Shephard's Pie and a patient called out for me that she was ready for me to witness her urine tox screen I didn't flinch. Neither did the my co-witness. We did the thing, I dipped the urine, she recorded the results. We washed up, and sat back down. Appetites intact. Food still warm. My mother, who was not a nurse but was at one point an EMT, and at another point a radiologist, told me very specifically that there'd be days like these. As a nine year old I never believed her.
All of my EMT friends will be happy to know that today instead of calling a truck for a non emergent transfer to the ER across the street (we don't have an ECG) we wheeled him over in a chair. Everyone was happier. Even the aide who brought him because she got to leave work early. Huzzah!

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