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Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Lessons

1. You can make lofty literary jokes in a 10pm free, experimental improv show as long as at least one, attractive foreigner in the audience likes it. (Intelligent Irishman: "I really like The Fountainhead, and I thought your joke was very funny." His friend: "I did too, once he explained the joke to me."

2. It is cheaper to go to Costa Rica in March than in April. Bump 'em up again!

3. Girl Talk is possibly the best music to work out to I have found yet.
3a. I need to buy better headphones. My ear buds kept falling out during my cardio workout.

4. I am a better bowler than Laura, but not as good as her boyfriend.
4a. Samplitizers make it impossible to concentrate on "the game."

5. I was wrong. I'm On a Boat is better than Dick in a Box, now that I've heard them side by side. It was just nostalgia ruining objectivity. Tsk.

6. I pride myself on being tough and having a faith characterized by rugged individualism, but it has been really nice to have someone to go to church with regularly for the first time in four whole years.

7. Girl Scouts are not ignorable. Between the two of us Liz Kaminga and I bought seven boxes after church Saturday night.

8. Alison Royer is one of the funniest, most talented and kind people I have ever met. I am sad she's leaving mainstage which means I don't get to perform with her, but super excited that she's still going to be performing in Boston. I didn't get up during the night to tell an Alison story because I felt like other people had more of a right to the mic, but I will tell mine quickly here:
Backstage at an NXT show:
- I was unhappy.
- Alison noticed.
- Alison asked, "Do you want to pray?"
- I thought she was making fun of me but she absolutely wasn't.
- We prayed together, right then and there.
- I felt instantly better, and, she said, so did she.

9. Steven Donovan is a very generous and giving man. Within an hour of meeting me he drove me home at 3am so I wouldn't have to take a cab.

10. The Team Lick Origin Story contained aspects even I hadn't heard. Which is impressive considering how long I've known Team Lick East and how much she talks! Nice work out of you two, Liz and Nick. Can't wait to start planning the ceremony with you.


lauraclarksayshi said...

You may as well brag about being better at weight-lifting than a seahorse. In either case, your opponent's really just sticking around for the samplitizers.

MischMash said...

Very well then.

Hear, ye, hear ye,

I, Misch, am better at weightlifting than a SEAHORSE.

End proclamation.