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Thursday, April 16, 2009

this is why we come here

This week after a 12 hour shift I convinced one of my co workers to come with me to the Asgard for karaoke. The choice wasn't accidental, Colleen and I often burst into song together at work. All day we talked up the night out, inviting anyone else who would listen. Our persistence paid off and we were joined by Caroline and Ashley after their evening shift around midnight.

"These are friends of mine from work," I said to Paul.
"That is NOT permission for anyone here to get sick," said Ashley.

Asgard karaoke is something I do so often I barely think of it. I was eager to share it with my work friends, but when we got there I actually began to worry that for them public singing would be more stressful than fun.

I watched my three cohorts carefully. They were smiling and taking it all in, poking me to ask "do you know her?' if someone was particularly outstanding in a performance. As we sat they chatted freely. Each was clearly grateful for the time to unwind relaxing after long day.
Colleen sang a solo, and did a duet with me later in the evening. The others were more reserved, but it was soon so clear that that didn't matter in the least because whenever a familiar song played they sang right along.

We sang wholeheartedly, eyes shut and mouths open wide. We sang at the ceiling and sang at each other, eye open and shining. We sang, sober and tired at the end of the day, with more energy than we knew we had.

There's something about singing together in a huge group of people that transcends stress, anxiety, differences and fear. It's unifying and life affirming, and when it sneaks up on you it's honestly thrilling.

They all want to come back.

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