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Friday, May 22, 2009

Code Green

A Code Green at our facility is called when there is a behavioral emergency. We get them infrequently, more infrequently than you might imagine given our population. But we had one a few weeks ago. It was called in the lobby which meant it could be anyone, even just someone waking in off the street to our clinic.

I was in the middle of giving medications to one of our frequent fliers. She's a petite woman, and physically frail but her spirit is strong. When the code was called I apologized to her, locked the medications back into the cabinet below the counter and took off for the lobby.

As usual once I had gotten there from four floors up the situation was under control and we were all told to return to work.

I jogged back up the stairs and found the patient still waiting at the med counter.

"Is everything ok?" she asked, genuinely worried. "Are they calling an ambulance?"

I explained the difference between a code green and a code blue.

"Pfft," she said, her concerned face changing to one of disgust, "you just can't take some people nowhere."

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