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Thursday, May 21, 2009

subtle excuses

I think it's boring to begin with "I haven't written in a while," and then trail off into vague excuses. I don't buy "work got crazy," or "I've been so tired."
I mean, unless your work is wrestling bears. Or you're tired from... recreational wrestling of bears. Seriously.

At least give me a good story.

I have no singularly awesome excuse. No all encompassing time sucking life changing event. However I can assure you that neither work nor fatigue has kept me away.

I'm just going to come back in and pick up where I left off. Like Shannon has done in this classy entry.

Excuses and stories aside, I promise I'll update my blog more often now. Especially because the director of nursing at work has requested it. And I tend to do whatever the DON asks*.

* You know, like show up to work on time. Put my shoes back on. Stop crying and come out of that utility closet....

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