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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I wonder if I'm getting too old for this...

For anyone who hasn't seen me in person yet, I am back from beautiful Costa Rica. Stories to follow! I have been going almost nonstop since before I got on the plane. In fact, the last really great, full night of sleep I had was in Jaco. Since then I've had a ton of adventures with naps in between . Still, I couldn't stop myself from going right to Asgard for some karaoke when I got home Wednesday night.

After working Thursday I had a show at IA and got caught out quite late. Friday saw some adventures with Caroline at the German Embassy because she is on crutches and was unable to take herself. Friday night called for two more shows at Improv Asylum and Saturday morning it was back to work.

Saturday night Three Hole Punch took off for the Providence Improv Festival. After the six finalists were announced (at midnight), I realized I had left my keys in Shannon's car, which was now long gone to Boston. Steph graciously has put me up at her house in Lexington where we are dining on strawberries and cinnamon buns. After church (me) and a jog (Steph) we'll meet with Shannon and head back to Providence for round two!

Last night I was the most tired I have been in a really long time, which induced a couple of visual hallucinations and resulted in that kind of deep sleep where muscles feel paralyzed. I forgot that could even happen and apologize to anyone I have ever tried to wake up from such a sleep* . Steph and I have scheduled a nap into today. That will be nice. Really nice.

* For example, my brother Brian seems to always be in this sort of sleep state right when I want him to wake up and help me throw a dance party or bring me a pie.

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