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Sunday, August 9, 2009

I am a Respite Nurse

"She works at a homeless hospital..."
"You work in a nursing home, right?"
"How did you get involved at the shelter?"

A lot of people are a bit unsure of what I do. And I don't blame them. I had never heard of "respite" nursing before I applied for my current job. And I went to four years of nursing school.
Even the EMTs who respond to our 911 calls (wait - don't you work in a hospital, why are you calling 911?) are unsure of where they are. ("What kind of shelter is this?").

This video is new, I have never posted it before. But it explains what respite nursing is, and more specifically shows you exactly where I work (and who I work with!) every day.

Although I had never heard of respite care before, after two years, I am a very strong supporter of it. I would like to see more programs like this one form all over the country. I think that educating the public on what we do is an important first step in gaining future support for respite programs.

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