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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

this year in the places we go go go

The thunder just started in Jamaica Plain.
But last night heat lightning was mostly without accompaniment except for me and Pim exclaiming over it in the car on the way from Goody's to Costello's.
"Did you see that?"
And then occasionally, on his end, "I can't believe I don't live here any more," because Florida is his real home now.

And now the rain begins, skewing my chances of sleeping out on the porch like I had hoped.
Although, the last time I slept on the porch I had 14 welts up and down my left arm. Something small and hungry, but not a mosquito, found me resting on my right side.

The rain has also changed my plans to go find dinner. Instead, I seek distraction on the internet, choosing to catch up on viral videos rather than make a real decision about where I'm moving to in a few weeks.

Change is always exciting. But because I didn't initiate this move, my landlord did, I've been dragging my feet. I want to move to Costa Rica, or Chicago, or the moon. But not until next year.

I liked the idea of one more year with Boston as my baseline, providing a safe easy place to return to after international trips, crazy weekends on the road with shows, and a new set of goals to accomplish for the year* (aerial silk classes, taking a trip with Patch Adams...).

With a move like this comes doubt because I'm changing the baseline but trying to maintain my my lifestyle. Unlike moving to a new city entirely where I'd make new friends and have a new job I have to worry about how the move changes the status quo. If I move to Somerville will my commute be too long? Will I be late to work often in the snow? If I move to Central Square will I be able to save enough money for traveling to CR as often as I like? Will I like my new roommates? Will they think it's weird if I sleep on the porch?

None of these things are questions I want to ask without the thrill of an adventure. "Where (in Scotland) can I find chinese food?" is a quest, not a chore. "How do I get to a church (from my new place in Chicago) and then rehearsal (in Chicago)" is a project I can dedicate myself with pleasure to because the payoff is bigger.

I guess the key to all of this is obviously to start thinking of the move as an adventure. And praying more. And... getting off the computer.

* ...having met most of my goals from last year including Spanish classes, getting onto a mainstage cast in Boston, riding a horse on a volcano, joining a gym, and traveling outside of the country.

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