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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Garage sale saturday, I need to pay my heart's outstanding bills...

Although all of my "stuff," fits into my new apartment I am faced with a dilema. I still have a lot of stuff.
I got rid of boxes and bags before I moved, but I still found myself with things I haven't been willing to part with, but I'm not in immediate need of.

Like a box of animatronic halloween figurines.

Or a $600 "prizewinner" solo dress from when I was an Irish Step Dancer.

I'm never going to compete as a dancer again. My knee made sure of that. And I don't have a window sill to rest a single glowing, blinking, reaching vampire on never mind several glowing, blinking, reaching vampires.

And it would be no big deal if I had a parent with a huge old attic, or a huge old attic in my own future. But I don't. Mom lives in a condo. I have no grandparents. We just don't have storage options, and I want to be free to make a big move by the end of next summer.

So. One of my goals for this year is to streamline my existence. Those two trunks of costume pieces, the boxes and boxes of art supplies. It's got to go. The hurricane lamp I saved just because it was my mother's, the case of CDs I never listen to (but I might!), every birthday card you ever sent, and even (gasp) some of my shoes.

Then again... the lamp was my mother's. And it might go better in my next place. And I use all those costume pieces... and how can I throw away this box of thank you notes and birthday cards? How heartless!

But seriously. I need to be ruthless about this. I can't stand the sight of all those boxes in the closet. So tell me, gentle friends, can anyone give a good, loving, stable home to a glowing, blinking, reaching vampire?

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