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Thursday, September 17, 2009

this week, this month, this year

Tonight and tomorrow night are your last chances to catch my gender-bending friend Johnny Blazes in hir wo(n)man show. Although I have not seen it (and can't due to my own performance schedule), I have known Johnny for ten years and watched hir work blossom with hir identity and hope that if you have a chance you'll come out to see this labor of love.
Speaking of performances, I wrote a long entry about the weekend that I never posted because too much happened over the weekend to focus on any one thing well. Performing with new people was one of the many themes. Friday night, after doing three shows I was ready to go home when Micah Sherman and Zach Ward showed up to play in the midnight show. I've always wanted to play with Micah, and I hadn't even seen Zach since 2004, so I put my bag back down and made a night out of it. Sunday night's highlight was performing at the Boston Improv Festival twice. I got to do a set with IB and IA actors in LivePod Shuffle featuring Pint Glass Paycheck, as well as one with some alumni of the IA Mainstage Cast. Standing in the greenroom I started getting butterflies. I had never done improv with any of my cast mates for the night, and every single one of them was a performer I have been watching for years, amazed at their wit and whimsy. I had to try to forget I was sharing a stage with some of my idols in order to focus on the shows themselves, which went well. Kicking back and chatting with old and new friends at the parties Friday and Sunday night, I found myself reflecting over and over again how happy and blessed I am to have found this community.
If you haven't seen "Pretty in Pink Slips," our most recent review at Improv Asylum, you probably only have one more weekend to see the show as written. Next week we'll start switching things out and replacing them with new material in anticipation of our upcoming previews for the new show. I'm there almost every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night so come on out.

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