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Friday, November 20, 2009

this is not a post about my hair.

"Hey- yo, Little Bit, come here!"
"That's NURSE Little Bit," I corrected him automatically, my way of gently reestablishing some semblance of boundaries.
"Right. Nurse Little Bit. You look like a cat today."

I patted the lumps of hair on top of my head, two symmetrical buns meant to mask my bed head.

"Oh yeah, I guess I do!"
"You went out last night. You stayed out late."
"I went out?" I raised my eyebrows to show... disapproval? denial?
He looked at me, head tilted sideways and the corners of my mouth twitched, spoiling my stern nurse face.

"Yeah I knew it," the patient laughed, " 'cuz you come in here with your hair up like that. You just rolled out of bed this morning and said 'eff it, I'm just gonna do my job.' Yeah, I know you went out."

They always know.

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