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Friday, January 15, 2010

Medical volunteering in Haiti

Partners in Health (PIH), and Doctors without Borders (MFS) both have medical personnel ready to deploy at a moment's notice for disaster response.

I am not part of any agency that would have sent members to Haiti during this time. But it's not surprising to have heard several people from various local public service roles wonder if there is something they can do that's more active than sending money.
The more I settle into my identity as "nurse," the harder it is to not imagine myself responding in person to emergencies of this magnitude.

I have since been convinced that the most useful thing any of us can do is send money right now.

However, as Deval Patrick mentioned at the meeting on Wednesday night, a time may come when more volunteers are recruited for various relief efforts in Haiti.

For any of you who may be interested in that you can contact Richard Chacon, Director of the Office for Refugees and Immigrants, through Deval Patrick's office at 617. 725. 4000.

You can also call the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency at any time by dialing 211.
As always, it's a number you can call to get critical information about human and health services (like "where can I bring this confused old lady I just found?") or to obtain information during a disaster or public emergency.

You can use this service to inquire about smaller groups being organized for relief work (if and when that phase of response comes about).

Until then please send all the money and prayers you have.

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