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Monday, February 8, 2010

BHCHP in Haiti

Boston Healthcare for the Homeless was approached recently  for help with relief efforts at Hospital Sacre Coeur in Milot, Haiti. In response, BHCHP has committed to sending four staff members every week for six weeks, for a minimum of one week of service for each group.  

The first group is already there, including two McInnis House nurses. We've been in touch with them, they are working in the Emergency Room and the Psych Unit respectively. 
 The next group leaves this Friday. 
From staff members who are unable to make the trip at this time, the response is just as overwhelming. People have been donating hours to the "vacation bank" so that those who are going don't use up vacation time, as well as donating items for the staff like hand sanitizer and insect repellent. And, at McInnis House at least, since I can't speak to other parts of the program, nurses have been stepping up to cover shifts while the others are away.

There is amazing team work happening here at home as well as in Milot. 
I am always proud of the work that we do, but seeing everyone around me jump at the chance to contribute to Haiti's relief efforts gives me yet another reason to love this program.

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