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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the role of nurses in disaster response

An interesting post, the other day, from my friend Erin about the importance of nursing in disaster response.
Erin, who is training to be a Nurse Midwife, points out

"you can have the best surgeons and trauma docs in the whole wide world performing incredible surgeries on people, but if you don't have the nursing care afterwards to change dressings, pack wounds and dole out timely antibiotics, among other things, all that surgical effort was wasted if people die from infections."

Erin's full blog entry links to two very interesting articles, one from and the other from the executive director of Partner's In Health, both of which mention the need for good nursing care in Haiti.

That's all. I wanted to share Erin's point of view and by doing so join her in advocating for the important role surgical post op and med surg nurses can play in  responding to a disaster situation.

The more I hear about the efforts in Haiti and how many different disciplines are coming together to create a holistic response to this emergency situation the more amazed I am.

Just remember, we can ALL help to provide the supplies that are needed with simple online donations.


DJ said...

And if you don't have a good Medical Assistant who knows where all the bandages, tape and other stuff is stored, and can grab it in an instant when the nurse is screaming at you, then you are equally screwed.....Ergo, Medical Assistants are more important than ANYONE!!!! :-)

1023 said...