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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nurses Gone Wild: Ft. Lauderdale

 Day One (actually).

I should have called the previous entry "Day Zero," since today will be my first day in Haiti.
This will likely be my last blog update, although they said there are computers on the compound.

Had a lovely day yesterday, mostly all to myself, in Ft. Lauderdale since Colleen and Yolanda were delayed at Logan. I even got a slight tan sitting by the pool! (I know:  it's unhealthy. I'm over it.)

After dinner we embarked on a mission to Target because another co worker, Ashley, called to tell us that the hospital ( Hopital Sacre Coeur) needs staplers badly - all the patient charts are falling apart and documents are being lost. Funny how we don't think of it, but office supplies are all part of keeping patient care flowing smoothly.

Our cab driver for the evening, a Jamaican man named Seymour, quickly became our new favorite person as he explained his retirement plan. Then we had a sing-a-long with him.

When Stacey arrived I was already asleep, but it wasn't very late. My anti malaria pill knocked me out. Thank goodness that little monster is just once a week.

We're heading to the airport soon but our flight isn't until 10am. My phone works on the frequencies in Haiti, but it's expensive to do much besides text message. I can text  to Twitter, so that's your best bet for anything particularly interesting or important especially if you're following from BHCHP. Just keep in mind because my phone is not very fancy, I can't see any responses. If there's an emergency at home - please text straight to my phone. I'll get it, and receiving messages over there is included in my bundle.

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