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Friday, February 26, 2010

Day One. A new world holds me to a promise, standing by, standing by...

Day One.
This morning I am flying solo to Ft. Lauderdale. About an hour after I arrive the rest of the team will get there.
We have a hotel room booked for the night, and during the day we plan to hydrate, rest and bond. (I also plan to get some Vitamin D!) Also, yesterday I caved and bought an ipod touch, so I will also be practicing my Creole using this Byki App all day.

Tomorrow we board the cargo plane to Haiti. When we arrive we'll be given our assignments.
I have no idea what to expect.
Sinead worked in the ER. Rachel worked in the pysch unit (she speaks fluent Creole so that makes sense). Barry, our director of nursing, worked as their director of nursing while he was there. Not knowing the language, most of his staff, or the protocols, he jumped in and helped keep the place running for his seven days.  This week our co worker, Amy M. has a facebook status that says she is working night shifts... in the ICU.

There is so much that I know ("bring flip flops for when you get to shower," "use DEET it's the only thing that works..") but the unknowns of where I'll be working and how it will be set up, and what kind of skills I'll be calling on (and learning!) are just  huge right now.

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