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Saturday, February 13, 2010

to resist despair in this world is what it is what it is what it is to be free

At some point this fell out of my music rotation.

 But this week I searched You Tube for some of my old favorites from high school, and then I found Energy among the CDs I keep in the car.

This brings back a lot of really amazing memories from high school years. Back yard pool parties, hanging out late in the summer time on back porches,  road trips to the Cape with my best friends, and even just hanging around Copley Square after school sharing headphones and sodas. 

 There is just something so redeeming about those upbeat tempos, passionately positive lyrics, and rapid fire playful rhymes. 

 It's not glamorous or sexy.  We can't go clubbing with it.  But somehow this music feels more honest.
It doesn't have a beautiful harmony that breaks my heart or takes my breath away. But I get out of breath dancing to it.
It doesn't mention God  once, but it brings me closer to Him because the lyrics affirm my faith in goodness.
 It's not something a grown up lady who gave away her shants and Dr. Martins a long time ago might listen to. But I do.

I'm sorry I ever lost you, Operation Ivy. But I'm glad to have you back.