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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photos of Haiti

My photos from the trip to Haiti are up with captions here.  But I thought I'd share my favorite now...

Haiti is a paradox. She's a beautiful paradise of mountain tops and majesty, birthing streams running with undrinkable water. Her people are physically worn, but they are spiritually vibrant. 
Even at the constant mercy of a greedy government, neighbors gladly share everything they have with one another. Strangers adopt one another out of the streets into their humble homes. Then again, the same streets can be scattered with criminals who will gladly take what they aren't sure they'd receive otherwise. 
The buildings are crumbling. The people are singing. Love thrives in Haiti.

 Haiti greets you with open arms and a big heart, and when you see her tears you are moved beyond words, and when she sleeps at night you are relieved that she is dreaming. 

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