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Monday, March 15, 2010

Stories About My Dad: that daring young man on the flying Trapeze.

Although I think about him year round, today is the day I tend to reflect even more on my Dad.
Mom and I will hang out today, and I'll call my brother. And we won't talk about it, but we'll all feel connected.

Last year on this date I posted an entry called Stories About My Dad.

This year I thought of writing something new, but it struck me that I think I got it right the first time.
I hope you'll go back to that entry and read it, whether you knew him or not; I think it's the best description I can offer to you.

Meanwhile, while planning for the trip to Haiti instead of buying a brand new fanny pack at EMS, one with a cell phone pocket and water bottle holster - I dug into one of the bins in my closet. One of the weirdest things I saved from my father was his leather belt pack. I have no idea why, and I never used it until now. But every morning before I went to the tents, I clipped it on. And knew that he was proud of me.

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