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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

writing writing writing

Updating, you may have noticed, has been inconsistent.
The reason for this is that I have recently taken on two major writing projects.

The first is Gorefest.
 For those of you who may not know,  Gorefest is a gore-filled  musical comedy produced annually at Improv Boston at Halloween. Each year has a different theme, this will be Gorefest's eighth year running. As an example, here's last year's description.  This year, Don Schuerman, the father of Gorefest, opened up submissions for pitches to the general GF and IB community, and my concept has been chosen!
 I am co writing the book with Adam Brooks, and overseeing a small team of amazing lyricists.
The music will be done by the fabulous Steve Gilbane, as it has been in years past.*
We have an amazing production team in place, and emails have been flying back and forth as we start to create the next round of scary, gooey, fun.
Oh, and since everyone's been asking. This year's setting? The creepiest circus you've ever watched.

The other major project is Improv Asylum's new mainstage revue.
We are currently still running "The Best of Improv Asylum," but have started the production process for the next show, to be named at a later date. Our mainstage cast is saying goodbye to three people between now and July, and has taken on several new actors in the meantime. The new cast has been spending our nights down in the theater  drilling basics, running laps, bonding over pizza, and coming up with new sketches and new ways to use our improv skills.

I've never had so much writing to do. And I've never been so excited about it.

*Shameless plug: go to his website and click on "Gorefest" on the left to hear some songs from the past few years. Among them, a song I sang last year about killing everyone. It is definitely not safe for work.

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