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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mother's Day Post

My mother is my inspiration, my personal super hero, my teacher, and my safety blanket.
She lets me cry when I need to cry and kicks my butt when my butt needs to be kicked.

The song "Baby of Mine" from Dumbo reminds me of my mother. does anything by Billy Joel or Josh Groban does Kill Bill 2.

 Mom has worked as an EMT, a radiology tech and a mammographer.
She is also a gifted writer, a poet and taught me everything I know about staged "gore" makeup.

Mom once helped a half-dead kitten drink water off her gloved fingertips until the Animal Rescue league showed up - even though she doesn't like cats very much.

 Mom has presided at several funerals for both hamsters and parakeets.

 Mom has made it clear on several occasions that she brought us into this world and she can take us out.

I have danced with my mother in the living room at the end of a long hard week.
I have never turned down her cookies.

I have watched Mom as she battles MS and wins every day.

I watched her pick up all our broken pieces and keep our family together when her husband, my father, passed away.

My Mom is the strongest woman I know.

In this photo, she is about to strap herself to a zip line and jump off the edge, out of her comfort zone. She thought we were going for a hike that morning. But she didn't get mad at me, even when they started handing the helmets out.

I love you, Mom. Here's to all our adventures.. and many more to come.

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