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Saturday, May 8, 2010

save some water for the fishies*

It's officially the end of "Water Week," in Cambridge. No, really.

Ok. So, first, some background. On Saturday, May 1st a  huge water pipe in Weston, Massachusetts sprung a leak. The Mass Water Resource Authority was able to supply water for toilets and showers to towns east of Weston by using a back up supply of mostly pond water. This switch in water quality was the cause of a water ban and boil water order for Boston and surrounding towns

 The ban was in effect until midway through the day on Tuesday, May 4th.

I worked on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday in Boston so I was affected too. However, I was able to avoid boiling any of my own water at home because within the last year I moved to Cambridge, which has its own water supply.

But not only was Cambridge not affected by the water ban across the river, we were actually celebrating how awesome the water here is.
That's right, May 2nd- May 8th was Water Week here in the People's Republic.

Activities included educational modules for school children about the "wonders of water," and a tour of the Water Purification Plant where we get our delicious, clean tap water from.**

* The title of this post is brought to you by Things My Sixth Grade Teacher Used to Say in a Weirdly High Pitched Sing-song Voice While We Were Trying to Use the Bubblers at School.

** I'm only bragging because the ban in Boston has been lifted. Otherwise this would just be mean spirited.

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