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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Updates on Writing

I owe you an update. I haven't been writing anything here. But I've been writing nonetheless.

Improv Asylum's newest Main Stage revue opens July 3rd weekend.
We've been jam packing our weeknights with rehearsals so that we can bring you a show that will make you laugh and cry and yell and want to be our friends on facebook. The period of time for sketch submissions ended this past week. Now we have several hours' worth of material to sift through and create a show out of. Throughout June, on Thursday nights at 10pm you (yes! you!) can come watch us try new things out. That means new sketches as well as new improv structures. And because we're not sure how well it works yet... it's all free!

Meanwhile, on the Gorefest: 8 end of things, Mr. Brooks and I finished our very first completed draft of the script on May 28th. On May 30th I met with Steve Gilbane (composer) and Don Schuerman  (director) to discuss their suggestions for revisions, and was pleased as punch to find there were not many rewrites needed.

However, our conversation did generate a ton of fun new ideas I wanted to fit into the show.
Since then I have been working to revise the script into what it is now.

While Brooks and I continue fine tuning, Steve has been writing music, Don has been researching plans for guillotine construction (go ahead, you can read that sentence again if you need to), and the lyricists have been coming up with witty rhymes and clever phrasing to fill in all the most dramatic moments in the plot.

If you ever wondered what we writers talk about in our secret meetings, here is an all encompassing snippet:

Me: I don't know how to fix this line about typewriters!!!
Brooks: I'm not sure if it really matters...
Don:  It definitely doesn't.
Steve: What if we make it a song?

The second draft is slated to be completed by June 20th.

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