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Monday, February 21, 2011

the cleanest ferret video you'll see today*

I am ferret-sitting for one of my friends. Weasel and Rascal arrived last Friday in a travel kennel. Amy and I set up their temporary cage, which is a lot smaller than their multi-level home in Amy's house.

She fretted as she unpacked their belongings, "do you think they'll be too cramped?"

"Don't worry," I said with assurance. "They'll have free reign of the living room when I'm home."

I shampooed the ferrets later that day to keep them fresh. Bathing them can't happen too often, but should also not be too infrequent. I remembered that from living with ferrets for part of college.

I did not remember how adorable a ferret's attempts to get dry are.

I also forgot how quickly I bleed when scratched by an angry, wet, animal.

No more baths.


*Maybe. I guess I shouldn't make too many assumptions about your taste in ferret videos. Sorry, dude.

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