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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hidden Falls

Just a reminder about tonight...
Remember to purchase tickets online for the "Comedy Lab" show.

Hidden Falls: The Musical
Wednesday Nights in March

In this 40 minute long improvised musical, actors will create the town of 
"Hidden Falls," anew based on audience input at the top of each show.
Through song and scene we'll discover the people who make up the town, 
and the dreams and desires that make up those people.

Because it's completely improvised, no two shows will be alike!
Buy tickets online for one or more performances.
 Part of Improv Boston's Wednesday night Comedy Lab series.

Director: Steve Gilbane
Piano: Steve Gilbane
Percussion: Jeff Greenwald
Featuring: Jaime Church, Mat Gagne, Don Schuerman, Ben Scurria,  Monica Shea, Deanna Tolliver, and Misch Whitaker

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