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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women in Comedy Festival Opens Tonight!

I am geeking out about the Women in Comedy Festival, and you should too.

Tonight kicks off the first evening of five nights of bold, new comedy from local and visiting artists.

At 7pm tonight join us at Improv Boston for  "The Monsters of Improv" to see a double header: Improv Boston Artistic Director Presents back to back with The Women of Improv Asylum.

I'll be performing tonight as a "woman of Improv Asylum," but you can also catch me the rest of the weekend in a couple other sets as well.

But I'm not the reason you should come to this.
You should come to this because the line up is incredible, and that includes both shows and  workshops.
The Women in Comedy Festival has multiple venues, so check out the schedule for the entire weekend, and start buying tickets!

And in case you missed the news, the headliners this year include Jen Kirkman, Kurt and Kristen, and Morgan Murphy as well as a special guest appearance on Friday night at 7pm by Rachel Dratch.

How are you not building a time machine to go to there already?

See you all tonight at Monsters of Improv!

Women in Comedy Festival (WICF) 2011 Trailer from WICF 2011 on Vimeo

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