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Monday, July 19, 2010

Slacking Update

My brother messaged me to remind me that I'm "slacking" on my blog.

So: A quick update in two parts.

Callbacks for Gorefest VIII were tonight. Incredible turnout. Having not seen most of the original auditions I went in blind and was not disappointed. During deliberations over beer and snacks at Tavern in the Square adjectives like "delightful," and  "a pure joy to watch" were not thrown around lightly, but were used  frequently, nevertheless. After the restaurant started to shut down Steve, Don and I had nearly finalized our list. Hard decisions all around, and some super close calls. Still need to make some adjustments, but the casting will be made public by the end of this week I bet.

I posted last year about how much I love this song. Sejal, the choreographer for Gorefest used it tonight in auditions and reminded me of how freaking amazing it is. The link on the old post is expired, so here it is again for your steam punk zombie pleasure:

PS. I cheated and back timed this post. I was still at Tavern discussing auditions at 11:59pm.

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